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The World's Calendar

The world's calendar for today: April 4 + 17 + 2014 = April (month) 17 (day) + 2014=1. The World will take a new beginning and a new direction! New thoughts, new home, new job/career/new business. We can also put new life back into our marriages, personal lives and our lives with our children.

You also have a personal calendar. You need your own personal calender and the world's calendar put together, then you will have your Real Calendar for 2014, and your life will be more successful! Please call Beverly Kay 262-242-0422.

Hidden 4/17/2014:The world's calender for today is: 4 + 15 + 2014 = 4 (April) 1 5 = 6 (day) 2 0 1 4 = 7 (year) 4+6+7= #8. This is your money, property, investment month.

Hidden 4/15/2014:The world's calender for today is: 4-14-2014. (4 =April) + 1 4=5( day) +2014= (year) 7 = 16= 7 ( year) 4+ 14+ 7 =16 =#7. to day you will have opportunities to focus your life because you will be able to take time out to chill out and relax! Clear your mind and open up to Mother/Father/God for information. This information will come directly into your mind. Take some time and because # 7 is a water number, go near water and #7 is a very spiritual number, so read some spiritual books.

Hidden 4/15/2014:The world's calendar is: 4-13-7 = 4+13+2014 = (April 4) 4+13 day) plus 2014 ((7)=6 for a total will give us opportunities to focus on our Business and Personal Lives!

Hidden 4/13/2014:Today, as I write this on March 30th, we all have a new moon. Write down 10 wishes. We have up until 10:00 p.m. on the night of the New Moon to write our wishes down on paper! These wishes will come true, so be very careful what you write down on your paper.

Hidden 4/13/2014:Check the schedule in the right column for the New Moons this year. Remember to write down your wishes on each New Moon!

Hidden 4/13/2014:Your name on your birth certificate and your month, day and year that you were born, will show you your purpose in your life! No one can take your numbers away from you because they belong to you. Even our world has a number, 2014: 2=cooperation 0=all numbers, 1 a new direction, 4=laying a new foundation. The total is 2+0+1+4=7= time out and we will think about our new direction. Then next year we will take our new direction. Next year with our 8 our focus will be on on money, property, real estate, and investments.

Hidden 4/13/2014:Remember that you have your own calendar every year. Call Beverly Kay for your numbers of your personal year for 2014, 1-262-242-0422.

Hidden 3/30/2014:You can understand your child (of any age) if you know the child's brain code. I need your child's name on the birth certificate. I also need the month, day and year that the child was born. Then with your permission, I will show you your child's (of any age) blue-print! Now this information will help you to understand your child!

Hidden 3/30/2014:The world's calendar for 2014. 2014=2+0+1+4=7= this is a spiritual turning back to Mother/Father/God! 7 is a spiritual number and we will all be turning back to our parents, Mother/Father/God for help. March is a number 3, so add the 7+3=10= we (the world) this month will take a new and a better direction!

Hidden 3/21/2014: The world is going through a total transformation. Four planets change direction between February 28 and March 6. How will the changes affect you? The March thru mid-July changes in the alignments of Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter focus the energies that affect our lives.

Hidden 3/21/2014: As Jupiter and Mercury turn direct they can help us formulate plans to achieve our vision for our life, after the rethinking that we've recently experienced while these planets were retrograde. Now is the time to make decisions, trust our vision and move forward.

While Jupiter and Mercury turn direct, Mars and Saturn turn retrograde. Saturn influences our persistence while Mars influences our drive to take action. We need to be mature and structured in our approach to take effective action. Now is the time to work on the blueprint of our vision.

Hidden 3/21/2014: During this period Saturn will be in Scorpio until July 26, which gives us the opportunity to revisit (retrograde) and to understand, explore and heal the wounds that we have experienced in the past (Scorpio). We all have karmic elements to our world (Saturn) where we have been let down or hurt in some regard. We often don't want to be aware of these things and we suppress or ignore them, so when Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, it is a great time to say "this is the truth of where I have been wounded, but I have the choice to change the direction." Instead of remaining stuck in old wounds from the past, we can work toward healing these wounds and leave the past behind. So, when we think about our "blueprint," we want to look at our plans from the perspective of healing. We are not dealing with the wounds but the healing of these wounds.

God Bless,
Reverend Beverly Kay

My new book, The Sacred Law of the Circle, is available. Almost everything in the world goes round and round in a circle. The Sun is a circle, the moon is a circle. Everything in the world goes full circle. Every day your life goes full circle. Even your eyes are circles. The world goes round, from the beginning when it was first created by Mother/Father God. The world will always go in a circle, half the circle will be negative and the other half will be positive. When the circle is balanced it closes up. Then it creates another circle until you leave the planet. I call it the circle of life because life is a circle.

God Bless!
Beverly Kay

This year your life changes for the better. Beverly Kay will help to guide you toward that new direction. She will open your calendar for this year, and then you won't miss out on any opportunities for the year.

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The Wonder of the New Moon

Remember to make your 10 Wishes on the day of the New Moon!

The New Moons for 2014 are
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January 30, Aquarius
March 1, Pisces
March 30, Aries
April 29, Taurus
May 28, Gemini
June 27, Cancer
July 26, Cancer
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October 23, Libra
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December 21, Sagittarius

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